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Registration for the year 2023 is now Open

As always, we are working towards realizing our motto,

හෙළ බස උගනිමු - නැණ ගුණ වඩවමු!

This program helps students to learn and use the Sinhala language and connects young "Australians" to the Sinhala language, Sri Lankan heritage, and culture. It also helps to build strong communities and respect in Australia for our diverse cultures.

  • One of the largest and most experienced multicultural schools in the NSW

  • Operating under the Sinhalese Cultural Forum (SCF)

  • Education standards are guided by the Department of Education NSW

  • The syllabus is developed based on the NESA (NSW education standard Authority) language framework

  • Valuable certificates from the Department of Educations NSW for successfully completing K-8

  • Ministers Awards under the Junior/Senior Category

Please enrol each child via Any questions please reach out to VP Education: (Kapila) - +61450310075

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