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Our Academics

The Blacktown Sinhala School is dedicated to teach and enhance the knowledge of Sinhala language and Sinhalese culture among the Sinhalese students living in NSW, Australia. Our teachers work tirelessly to uplift the students' abilities in all directions of the language which is Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening. We currently conduct classes from Kindergarten to Year 9.  

Our Vision

Introduce, appreciate and nurture values of Sri Lankan culture among children living in Australia to knit them together through cultural and linguistic relationships.

Our Mission

Teach Sinhala language through a dedicated and committed group of teachers.
Provide and create an environment in which our children will have an enjoyable experience in learning Sinhalese language and make them understand the importance of language as the vehicle to go deep in to Sinhalese culture and civilisation.
Facilitate learn through practice by creating an opportunity to participate in Sri Lankan cultural events.

Help create a place where our young Ausi-Lankan new generations to meet and develop lifelong relationships with those who have same roots and appreciate similar values.

Why send your child to Blacktown Sinhala School?

Identity Development

We strongly believe, that teaching Sinhala language and Sinhalese culture help the future generations to build a stronger community enriched with Sri Lankan cultural values, ultimately helping them to build their own unique identities.

Character Development

Blacktown Sinhala School carries out many initiatives and engagements which encourage kindness, love, care and empathy of students towards others. It is our belief that our students should not only excel in academic studies, but also should be a kind and a caring person which will lead them to have a happy and a fulfilling life.

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