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Principal's Welcome

Welcome to Blacktown Sinhala School: The leading Sinhala School in Sydney!


As the leading community Sinhala language school in Sydney, we are looking to strengthen our curriculum further in 2024; both academic and extra-curricular aspects.

We look to further strengthen our commitment to fostering a dynamic and inclusive environment for all students to embrace the spirit of curiosity, collaboration, resilience, and a shared commitment to excellence. Together, we will continue to provide the supportive community framework that values diversity, celebrates achievements, and nurtures the Sri Lankan/Sinhalese in our next generation Australians of Sri Lankan origin.


We hope that you not only enjoy our Website, but also use it to propagate unity, harmony and teamwork amongst our Sri Lankan community residing in Australia by contributing in whatever little ways possible in to organization of routine and one off events of educational, social and cultural nature (ranging from our weekly/bi-weekly school sessions to one off events for Sinhalese New Year, Vesak, Christmas, etc).


We appreciate the efforts put in by all of you presently (and in the past) contributing to our wonderful team of students, teachers, parents, committee members and volunteers for supporting the school in every aspect. We also welcome new members to our community to help achieve our objective of bringing our Sinhala community of NSW from strength to strength.


To learn more about how a Sinhala language education could benefit your child, please contact our school via email on:

Dinesh Perera

Principal & President

Meet Our Teachers



  • Joined BSS in 2024

  • Worked as Early Childhood Educator for 6 years in Australia and Assistance lecturer at University ofKelaniya before migrate to Australia

  • Bachelor of Science, Masters in Business Administration, Diploma in Early Childhood Education

  • Currently working as a Business Development Manager at a Not a Profit Organization in Disability Sector

Ruwangie Ranatunga


Diyana Aluvihare

Year 1

  • Joined BSS in 2018

  • Studied Charted Accountants of Sri Lanka Well understanding of child psychology and a great passion for teaching

  • A passionate educator who offers the required motivation and inculcates habits to make students independent

  • Working as an Accountant with 23 years ofexperience in the finance sector


Rovani Sanjika

Year 2

  • Joined BSS in 2022

  • Cert III in Early Childhood Education

  • Completed Diploma in Fashion Design

  • Certified Beautician since 2010

  • Works as an Early Childhood Educator over year 6


Dr.Mahima Abeyaratne

Year 3

  • Joined BSS in 2024

  • Worked at Minto Sinhala School since 2012. 

  • Completed Certificate in Language Teaching at University of Sydney in 2015

  • Currently work as a specialist medical practitioner and a certified supervisor/ mentor of medical trainees and registrars


Samanthi Angammana

Year 4

  • Joined BSS in 2012

  • Language Teaching Qualification from University of Sydney

  • Over 10 years experience in Language teaching

  • Diploma in Executive Secretarial Practice

  • Cert III in Early Childhood Education and 9 years experience

  • Currently work as a Pre School Educator


Ganga Perera

Year 5

  • Joined BSS in 2019

  • Diploma in Community Language teaching

  • Diploma in Pre-schoolteaching

  • CertIII in Community Services

  • 2002-2015worked as a bookkeeper

  • 2015-2019 family day care educator

  • 2019-currently working as an early childhood teacher

  • Joined BSS in 2018

  • Completed Community Language program at university of Sydney in 2019

  • BSC in Electrical and Electronics Engineering,University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka

  • Work as an Enterprise Resource Planning Consultant

Year 6/7

Dinali Karunaratna


Dr Pandula Gamage

Year 8

  • Joined BSS in 2022

  • PhD, La Trobe University, Australia

  • MCom, University of Melbourne, Australia

  • MBA University of Ruhuna, Sri Lanka

  • BCom, University of Pune, India 

  • Graduate Certificate in Tertiary education, Victoria University, Australia 

  • University teaching experience over 18 years


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